The Board

President:  Matt Konicek (

Major:  Mechanical Engineering


Hi! My name is Matt Konicek and I am extremely excited to be BGI’s president for the 2017-2018 school year. I previously acted as BGI’s secretary and I served on the Stormwater Committee, where I helped create the rain garden at Morton Community Center (be sure to check it out!). Outside of BGI, I enjoy trivia, playing volleyball, and cooking. After I graduate I hope to continue to work on environmental issues in some capacity. I have really enjoyed my time with BGI and I hope to help make this a great year!

Vice President:  Colleen Rooney (

Major: Industrial Engineering

Hi! I’ve been involved with BGI since my freshman year at Purdue, and I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made as a club.  I’ve been head of stormwater management for the past year in which we built a rain garden as well as maintained the one previously built on campus.  I love hearing new ideas, and I am really excited for what the club is going to do in the future and the environmental impact we will have.  I recently studied abroad in France and I’m happiest when I’m skiing! I’m so happy to be a part of such a wonderful group of people.

Treasurer:  Emily Dawley (

Major: Environmental Health Science with Minors in Spanish and Biology

This is my second semester with BGI, and I am the treasurer this semester. I knew I wanted to join a sustainability-minded organization and BGI was the clear choice for me! Something really special about BGI is that we are a club filled with people from any major! You don’t have to be in engineering or in an environmental major in order to make a difference in terms of sustainability. We are all about coming up with and implementing fresh ideas on how to make our campus and community more sustainable! In my free time, I enjoy being part of Purdue’s All-American Marching Band, traveling, and being outdoors. Fun fact: the picture of me is from when I visited Parque Guel in Barcelona when I studied abroad in Spain!

Secretary: Leela Menon (

Major: Environmental and Ecological Engineering


Hi everyone! I am so excited to be the current secretary of BGI. In the past, I was involved with the Education and Outreach Committee, specifically helping with the maintenance of the green roof on Schleman hall. Be sure to spend some time up there and check it out!I’ve been interested in sustainability since I was in 6th grade and I am so proud to be a part of a group that makes a significant impact on sustainability at Purdue. In my free time, I like to sing, play Ping-Pong and try out new recipes!

Social Media Chair: Coby English (

Majors: Professional Writing & Political Science

Hey! This is my second year as a member of BGI and second semester as the Social Media Chair! In the past, I have also been a part of the Education & Outreach Committee, and now am on the Stormwater Committee. My favorite thing about BGI is being able to help maintain the rain gardens on campus and the exciting guest speakers we have! I am interested in all aspects of sustainability, particularly that of our world’s water resources, focusing on the policy and politics of it all. In addition to my majors, I also have a minor in Environmental Science and certificate in Public Policy! In my free time, I enjoy writing, running for hours on end, and watching movies, old and new!

Event Planner: Sarah Gray (

Major: Wildlife Sciences

Hello!  This will be my second year as a member of BGI and I am so excited to serve as the Event Planner this year.  In the past, I helped serve on both the Recycling and Stormwater Committees, which included brainstorming ideas to increase recycling on/around Purdue’s campus and maintaining rainwater gardens on campus.  I joined BGI because I was looking for a club that initiated sustainability on Purdue’s campus rather than pushed for it, and I couldn’t be happier with what we have accomplished!  I gained an interest in sustainability my sophomore year of college once I changed my major to Wildlife Sciences and plan to work towards protecting natural resources as a career.  In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, reading, playing games, and watching movies!

Education & Outreach Committee Chair: Ben Weber (

Major: Undecided
Hello! I’m a sophomore, with this being my second year in BGI. I initially joined for the common goal I saw in this group from the first meeting: a true and genuine concern for the Earth. My passion and concern began my senior year in high school when I learned about environmental issues and their incredibly large scope, giving me a significant reason to help. Now, as Education and Outreach committee chair, I’m excited to spread these concerns just as they have spread to me in hopes of others jumping on board for the fight against the Earth’s deterioration. Oh, and my favorite things to do are play piano (jazz specifically) and read!

Recycling Committee Chair: Bruno Sanchez-Ortiz (

Major: Civil Engineering

Hey! I am very excited to serve as the recycling committee chair because I, along with anyone else who gets involved, will have the opportunity to improve Purdue’s recycling practices and awareness. I will try my best to make recycling a more prominent topic on, and even around, Purdue’s campus. As an advocate for sustainability, I naturally got involved with BGI during my second semester. It’s great to meet other green geeks like me! Other than reading up on all things green, I like watching movies, jamming to music, and great conversations about whatever.

Stormwater Committee Chair: Kyla Prendergast (

Major: Environmental and Ecological Engineering

Hey! This is my second year being apart of BGI and I’m super excited to continue working to make the Purdue community more sustainable. Last year, I was involved with the the Stormwater Committee and did a lot of work for the Morton Rain Garden. I’m very interested in sustainability and environmental issues, specifically in urban areas, and I can’t wait to see what interesting and impactful ideas and projects everyone has this year. I also super love reading, animals, and going on hikes!