Stormwater Management


Semester Goals for Fall 2018: ( To Be Updated)
About Stormwater
Stormwater is excess runoff generated during storm events.  This water can cause problems in urban environments such as contamination of rivers, flooding, and combined sewage overflow.  The impact of stormwater can be reduced through the use of rain gardens, permeable pavement, and green roofs.

BGI Rain Garden

The Boiler Green Initiative Stormwater Management Committee designed and installed a rain garden at the Morton Community during the Spring semester. We are very excited about the new rain garden at the Morton Community Center and it’s future growth! Our first rain garden on Purdue’s campus on McArthur Drive between Harrison and Hillenbrand residence halls was planted using Indiana native plants on May 4th 2013. It effectively reduces the campus run-off footprint, reduces localized flooding, provides aesthetic value to the campus, and helps raise awareness about stormwater management practices. During heavy rainfall, excess water in storm drains causes CSO (Compound Sewage Overflow), where all sewage, home drains, run off, etc. must be dumped directly into the Wabash River. These gardens divert water from the adjacent storm drain and allow it to naturally filter into the ground and water the plants instead of contributing to CSO. We are looking for new members to join our awesome team!

Hillenbrand Harrison Rain Garden 2013-07-24.png  Hillenbrand Harrison Garden Maintenance 2016-04-16.pngHillenbrand Harrison Rain Garden (2).jpg  Hillenbrand Harrison Rain Garden Club 2013-07-24.png


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