Water Management Committee

About Water Management:
Stormwater is excess runoff generated during storm events.  This water can cause problems in urban environments such as contamination of rivers, flooding, and combined sewage overflow.  The impact of stormwater can be reduced through the use of rain gardens, permeable pavement, and green roofs.

Current projects: 

  • Hoosier RiverwatchBGI is participating in Hoosier Riverwatch, which allows us to go out to different streams in the area and test water quality. This is a great opportunity to get hands-on field experience and collect data on the health of our local streams.Every few weeks we go out to a selected site to conduct water quality tests and measure temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, phosphorous and nitrates. During the spring and fall, macroinvertebrate samplings are done as well. During these samplings, the small aquatic macro-invertebrates are collected and examined to determine who is living in our streams. By examining which types of macro-invertebrates live in the water, we are able to determine the pollutant levels of the stream.thumbnail_20181002_184238.jpg     thumbnail_20181002_183815.jpg

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  • RE-volv- The RE-volv Solar Ambassadors are currently working to bring solar energy to nonprofits in the West Lafayette/Lafayette community. We will do this by working with another nonprofit, RE-volv, to complete a six-week crowdfunding campaign.  Anyone is welcome to attend our bi-weekly meetings where we exchange ideas about crowdfunding events, discuss possible nonprofits to partner with, and plan on how we’re going to help our community! To find out more information about how RE-volv works, you can visit their website (https://re-volv.org/) or contact Hannah Jongkind (Water Management Committee Chair).


  • Rain Garden Maintenance – We are currently working to get the Harrison Rain Garden to its best possible condition. We are doing this by weeding the garden, removing invasive species and woody plants, and thinning out the original species. It’s all hands on deck, and we’ll work on the gardens weekly, when the weather permits.

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  • Bat Houses – This winter, we plan to take on a project to build bat houses. Many bat species are at risk, even here in Indiana. We hope to provide local bat populations with new habitats.


  • There are also occasional opportunities to volunteer with local organizations. We’re always looking for new projects to take on. Come to one of our meetings and help make a difference!