BGI was originally founded in 2006 as the Green Roof Initiative, but has since expanded to a number of committees. What committees are active depends on interest from our organization’s members–if you are interested in restarting an inactive committee or creating an entirely new committee, talk to someone on the Board!

Active Committees:

  • The Green Roof Committee is committed to pushing for green roofing on campus. We give monitor and give tours of the current green roof on Schleman Hall and are currently seeking funding (lots of funding) for our newest green roof project to be constructed on Knoy Hall.
  • The Recycling Committee focuses on increasing education of the importance reducing, reusing, recycling. We also work to increase recycling usage on campus and in our surrounding communities through education and when possible the assisting in the addition of recycling bins to areas with need. This group was responsible for the implementation and management of the first ever recycling effort that took place within Ross-Ade Stadium in 2008.
  • The Stormwater Management Committee works on projects related to the sustainable management of stormwater in our community. They look at alternative methods of handling run-off water that results in the reduction of surface pollutants allowed into our rivers and streams.

Inactive Committees:

  • The Alternative Transportation Committee advocates for increasing the use of methods of transportation besides cars. It is their goal to take on projects that will enable people to leave their automobiles for a more sustainable means of transport.
  • The Sustainable Foods Committee works on education about eating habits that help the environment, such as eating locally and ethically.
  • The Environmental Policy Committee works to research and challenge bills at the local, state and national level that are a detriment to the environment. It also works to educate the Purdue community on environmental politics. The goals this semester are to implement the graduation pledge at Purdue University and to continue our education in the community with research on new bills at each level.