Here at Boiler Green Initiative (BGI) we care about our home planet and realize that society impacts environmental processes in intricate ways. We believe it is our responsibility to be fair to the planet, living in ways where we minimize our impact and making changes where we can improve. That is why our ongoing mission is to inform the community of pressing environmental issues, foster interest and concern in the environment, and inspire the adoption of sustainable initiatives. To see our mission fulfilled, we organize small and large scale projects in and around campus that engage students in our efforts.

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America Recycles Bruno Sanchez-Ortiz Katie Thompson 2017-11-15.jpeg   Plastic Bottle Igloo RecycleMania 2011 (7).jpg   bowling-2017-09-16-3.jpgCardboard Boilermaker Special RecycleMania 2012 Spring (7).jpg      College Mentors For Kids Recycling Posters 2018-02-06 (4).jpg      Stormwater Committee Celery Bog Social 2011-10-23 (1).jpg   Turkey Run 2016-10-1 (9).jpg        Corn Maze 2017-10-19.jpg Turkey Run 2017-09-30 (3).jpg       wastewater-treatment-plant-tour-2017-09-28-7.jpg